About Us

What are the objectives of the Society?

  • Provide opportunities for continuous professional development and networking within the industry

  • Run effective and profitable conferences and seminars

  • Influence government electric energy policy

  • Stimulate research and innovation

  • Represent community interest on electric energy matters and promote members to the community

What influence does the EESA have?

The EESA has influence at many levels such as the various States Offices of Energy & Minister's Offices, with Industry Associations and with the various arms of the electricity industry.

What can the EESA do for me?

Continuing Professional Development today is mandatory for professional people, as is ongoing training for everyone. Without this your future prospects will be limited. You need to keep abreast of technical innovations, both local and overseas, regulatory, standardisation and safety changes, as well as Government and organisational policies. You need to be informed on developments outside your local area and overseas.

How does EESA enable this vital work?

Through an annual conference, regular seminars, technical visits, newsletters and availability of mentors. The opportunity to present papers and interact with other presenters provides personal contact with experts from all over the world. Living in a vacuum is not an option.

Who has already joined the EESA?

Most of our existing members are based in Australia. There are also representatives from New Zealand and regional countries. They work in the following areas:

Generation, Transmission and Distribution Authorities, Universities, Consultants, Manufacturers and Distributors.

Who can join EESA?

Membership is open to any person with an interest in the fields of electric energy generation, transmission, distribution, retail and end use. You do not need to be a member of Engineers Australia to be a member of EESA. However, being a member of both EESA and Engineers Australia allows members to benefit from a broader involvement with all areas of engineering.

Who decides the policies of the EESA?

Policies are a reflection of the needs and requirements of our members. An elected Council manages and directs the affairs of the EESA to meet these needs.

How is the EESA financed?

The EESA activities are financed from the income received from members' subscriptions, conference registration fees and rental of exhibition floor space at our conference and other events.

More information on EESA can be found below.

EESA Nomination (National) Form 2016

EESA Constitution (updated 2015)


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