The Electric Energy Society of Australia is proud to present a number of events which include conferences, seminars and technical visits. They are all aimed at providing ongoing professional development to members and meetings attract expert speakers from Australia and overseas. An important benefit of meetings is the personal interaction members have with other members and with experts in the industry. To this end meetings are run in a personal and friendly format so that all present have the opportunity to be personally involved. Trade exhibitions at conferences attract industry experts both from Australia and overseas, and ample time is provided to discuss particular applications and new technologies in depth. These are rare opportunities to learn which do not fit in to the normal busy working week.


AMSC Voltage Stability and Transmission Technologies Workshop

AMSC is conducting a workshop to increase awareness of the subject of voltage collapse/voltage instability, FACTS and Superconductor technologies on today's heavily stressed electric transmission grids.

Workshops are being held in:

  • Sydney on 16 & 17 November 2015
  • Melbourne on 18 & 19 November 2015
  • Perth on 20 November 2015

For further information about the workshop and how to register, please click on the links below:



Keeping the lights on – Increasing the reliability of power networks & EESA AGM

Date: Tuesday 27 October 2015

Time: 5.45pm to 7.30pm

Venue: Engineers Australia, Level 31, 600 Bourke Street, Melbourne

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EECON-2015-Web-FA3 one day


Wednesday 25th November 2015

Venue: Australian Technology Park, Sydney 

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Ergon Energy UAV (Drone) demonstration

Date: Tuesday 20 October 2015

Time: 8.30 to 10.30am

Venue: Judy Holt Sports Fields, Birkdale

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Meeting the challenges of floods and bushires - The Energex experience

Date: Wednesday 18 November 2015

Venue: Hawken Auditorium, Engineers Australia, 447 Upper Edward Street, Spring Hill

Time: 3.00pm to 5.00pm

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SA Chapter 2015 Program of Events




Presenter and Company

Organiser - Location


Thursday 19th March 2015


“Tolerable Asset Risk”

Arthur Calvert-Smith,ElectraNet Pty. Ltd.

MP& BC / Chapman Theatre, EA

This presentation will deal with the quantification of asset risks and will include a case study on a risk-based approach to earthing.

Thursday 30th April 2015.


Tindo Solar Tour

Adrian Ferraretto, Managing Director, Tindo Solar

Tindo Solar, Mawson Lakes

Presentation on the solar panel manufacturing process and the Tindo business model, followed by a tour of the facility.

Thursday 18th June 2015


“Latest Developments in NEM Regulatory Regime”

David Swift, Executive General Manager Corporate DevelopmentAEMO

MP / Chapman Theatre, EA

This presentation will include information on the current supply/demand issues, concerns on falling network efficiency and distributed generation issues.  A South Australian perspective of these issues will also be presented.

Thursday 20th August 2015


“Optimal PPE for Arc Flash Protection”

Darren Jenkins, Electrical Safety Manager,  Ausgrid

Room HH3 - 09, Hans Heyson Bdg, Uni SA West Campus

Darren will show conventional and high sped videos of tests on protective clothing exposed to arc flashes.  The presentation will also give a summary of the PPE adopted at Ausgrid as a result of Darren’s findings.

Wednesday 18th November 2015


Energy Storage and the Power Network

Richard Turner, Founder/Director of Innovation & Marketing, Zen Energy 

Mark Vincent , Manager Investment Strategy,  SA Power Networks 



Room HH3-09 Hans Heyson Bldg, Uni SA West Campus

This event is to be focused on energy storage technology, applications and practicalities for the electric power network.  

Martyn Pearce, SA Chapter Chairman   -   9th October 2015.

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WA Chapter 2015 Program of Events


Date (2015)





Wednesday 18 February

Mid West 330 kV network upgrade project

Douglas T, Linden Bronleigh

Western Power


Perth Office

5:30 PM refreshment for 6:00PM start

Monday 23 March

IEC61850 Design and Implementation lessons

James Stokes

Jarrah Solutions


Perth Office

5:30 PM refreshment for 6:00PM start

Wednesday 15 April

Application of Neutral Voltage Displacement in small DG installations

Khang Dang Western Power


Perth Office

5:30 PM refreshment for 6:00PM start

Wednesday 6 May

Power Transformer design considerations followed by

ABB Malaga Factory Site Visit

Asbjorn Brondbo ABB

ABB Malaga

5:30 PM refreshment for 6:00PM start

Wednesday 20 May


Disruptive challenges of integration of renewable energies into existing islanded networks

Ted Brereton

GM Hoizon Power System Services


Perth Office

5:30 PM refreshment for 6:00PM start

Monday 15 June

Arcing Hazards, 1 day traning course

Arc Fault Mitigation, Ausgrid research

David Sweeting Sweeting Consulting 


Perth Office

9.00am - 7.00pm



Wednesday 15 July

Fall of Potential earthing test and its complications in practice

Chris Cunningham  APD


Perth Office

5:30 PM refreshment for 6:00PM start

Wednesday 5 August

Application of Energy Storage

Masoud Abshar Malagan Power


Perth Office

5:30 PM refreshment for 6:00PM start

Wednesday 16 September

Are we ready for nuclear power in Australia

 Tony Irwin, Erica Smyth, Ray Wills

Click on the presenter's name to download their presentation.


Perth Office

4:30 PM refreshment for 5:00PM start

Thursday 8 October

The Making of Three Springs Terminal

Marco Surace Gemma Bristow Western Power


Perth Office

5:30 PM refreshment for 6:00PM including WA EESA AGM

Friday 30 October

WA Universities underground project poster presentation competition

Final year students

Engineering Pavillion, Building 213, Curtin University

1.00pm to 4.00pm followed by social drinks and networking

Wednesday 18 November

Example of a sustainable remote area power generation project using solar thermal plant in US

Daniel Thompson



Perth Office

5:30 PM refreshment for 6:00PM start

EA Perth Office is located in 712 Murray Street, West Perth WA 6005

Topics and presenters are subject to change


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